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乐飞翎™——马来西亚博客,贪玩的女人,骨子里有着向往自由的渴望,爱四处趴趴走和摄影,每去一个地方都会买磁铁留念。最大的梦想是环游世界,希望在旅途中继续找寻不一样的自己。任何邀请、赞助或疑问,欢迎联系我 joan@luvfeelin.com

My AirAsia Free Seats! 我的亚航免费机票!

“如果我有 10 张亚航免费机票,我将会携带家眷包括爸爸、妈妈、哥哥、弟弟、家婆、老公、小姑(老公美美)、小舅(老公弟弟)和兄弟的未婚妻一起踏上桂林(中国)这趟幸福旅途!


"If I had 10 AirAsia Free Seats, I would go to Guilin, China and I'd like to bring along Father, Mother, Mother in Law, Husband, Eldest Brother, Youngest Brother, Brother in Law, Sister in Law and Brother's Fiancee for an awesome gateway!"

The reason why I chooses to bring my family and in law family members as we are a family! It is not easy that married couple able to travel with both family members at the same time. The reason can be cause of schedule, relationship and other issues. So this will be the best chance to gather all of them and have fun at the country which full of Chinese culture and I think it will definitely suitable for the seniors. I hope they can enjoy the journey and that's will be my happiness too! There is nothing to compare with the happiness by travelling with the family. ♥

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